Tooth Crown

A dental crown is a custom made tooth shaped ‘cap’ that is placed over a tooth. Dental crowns restore the tooth’s shape, strength and function and appearance. The crown is cemented over the tooth and covers the visible existing tooth.

Dental crowns are not only ideal for patients wanting to restore severely damaged teeth, A crown can also protect and seal the tooth from further damage. Crowns are recommended for many reasons including:

  • Restoring chipped, cracked or worn-down teeth
  • Protecting a weak tooth
  • Support for a dental bridge
  • A tooth with a large filling
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Protecting teeth following root canal therapy
  • Covering teeth to improve aesthetics

Dental crown cost depends on your own individual needs. This might be due to the material chosen or the number of crowns placed. For an accurate price, book a consultation appointment with you dentist and they will be able to provide you a treatment plan.

Dental crown prices we offer are:

  • Ivoclar Vivadent Emax Ceramic Crowns – $1,450
  • Zirconia Ceramic Crown – $1,600
  • Porcelain-Fused Metal Crown – $1,600

A dental crown typically comprises of two visits. At the first visit, after consulting with your dentist the tooth that is receiving the crown will be prepared (filed) to make room for the crown to fit over the tooth. Impressions of tooth are sent to our partner laboratory where your custom crown is fabricated.

A temporary crown will be placed over your tooth in interim until your second appointment.

At your second appointment, the temporary crown will be removed and your permanent dental crown will be fitted and checked before cementing permanently.

Depending on the material required for the crown, single visit crowns can be manufactured and placed on the same day.

Your individual tooth situation, location and severity of damage will determine what crown is suitable for you.

Tooth CrownThe most common types of dental crowns are:

Porcelain/Ceramic based crowns can match the colour of surrounding teeth, making the crown seamlessly blend in naturally with your smile.

Porcelain and Metal (Porcelain Fused Metal) can be used in cases where strength is required to support a tooth. Porcelain allows the tooth to blend with surrounding teeth, whilst the metal core provides the crown with extra strength.

Metal based crowns are strong and durable, not as prone to chipping or breaking when compared to porcelain or ceramic crowns.

Depending on the dental crown material can influence its longevity. Porcelain crowns are like natural teeth and can chip or crack if significant force is applied to them. For this reason, it is best you treat a crown like any your natural tooth.

A dental crown requires the same dental care as any other natural teeth would, the underlying tooth needs to be protected from decay or gum disease. By brushing twice a day (for 2 minutes), flossing daily and regular dental visits every 6 months, you can ensure you are maintaining and caring for your crown.  A well taken cared of crown can last many years.